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Sarasota Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Fight to Win Back Injury Cases

Compensation due to pain from fractured and compressed vertebrae

Victims of car accidents or slip-and-falls onto hard surfaces can sustain very painful fractures of the vertebrae. Broken bones are always problematic, but vertebrae pose special dangers. Just as the ribs protect the vital organs and, when broken, can easily puncture a lung, the vertebrae support and protect the spinal cord, but, when fractured, can lacerate that nerve tissue. At Morris & Widman, P.A., we have been helping injured Floridians for more than 40 years. We are experienced in cases of severe, catastrophic injury, when it matters most that clients obtain the maximum compensation possible.

(This page discusses trauma resulting in fractured vertebrae. For other types of back injuries, see our pages on Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries and Disc Injury.)

Common treatments for fractured vertebrae

A victim who sustains a fracture to one or more vertebrae faces a long and painful recovery. Treatments for fractured vertebrae include:

These procedures are meant to stabilize the bones to facilitate healing. Additional procedures may be necessary to clean up bone fragments that can irritate tissue and cause severe pain.

Problems for older victims: Injuries worsening compression fractures

When older adults start to lose bone mass due to osteoporosis, their vertebrae become vulnerable to compression fractures, which can occur without any outside provocation. A slip-and-fall or car accident can significantly impact their already fragile health. At Morris & Widman, P.A., we believe that these victims should receive full compensation for their additional suffering. It can be difficult to prove that the cause of the pain is not a pre-existing condition, but rather the injury event, but our experienced attorneys know how to assemble the evidence and construct a compelling case for full compensation.  

See our Sarasota injury attorneys for quality representation in back injury cases

Back injuries can be excruciating ad long-lasting. Our concerned attorneys believe that you deserve the maximum compensation possible for your suffering. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney from Morris & Widman, P.A., call 941.552.4616 or contact us online.

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