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Common Reasons for Intersection Accidents in Sarasota, Florida

Experienced personal injury attorneys investigate collision scenarios

To obtain compensation for your injuries, you must prove someone else was responsible. To do that, you must establish the cause of the accident. At Morris & Widman, P.A., our attorneys have been conducting accident investigations for more than 40 years. We understand how factors such as driver inattention, road conditions, weather and traffic contribute to an accident. We also know how to communicate the events leading up to your injury in a clear and convincing manner for a judge and jury. If you have suffered an accident at an intersection, you can trust Morris & Widman to conduct a thorough investigation and present your case with preeminent professionalism.

How intersections contribute to traffic accidents

Distracted driving is the predominant cause of intersection collisions, as negligent drivers??fail to heed traffic signals, such as red lights and stop signs. There are essentially three types of intersection collisions:

It is worth noting that most pedestrian accidents also occur at intersections.

A study??by the University of Central Florida in 2006 identified certain patterns to intersection crashes. Not surprisingly, crash frequency increased dramatically as the number of lanes of roadway increased, because the greater number of lanes created more conflict points for drivers. Rear-end collisions were the most common type of intersection auto accident, except at four-lane one-way intersections, where angular crashes were most common. The incidence of disregarded traffic was greater at four-lane intersections than T-intersections.

The study noted a heightened danger of severe injury at T-intersections, positing that the disparity in speed limits and green light times between a major roadway and the street that tees up to it, could increase the severity of accidents.

Contact our Sarasota accident lawyers for legal assistance with intersection accidents

If you have suffered a vehicle accident at an intersection, put our experience to work for you and see how we can help. Morris & Widman, P.A. offers free initial consultation and accepts accident cases on a contingency basis. Call today at??941.552.4616??or??contact us online.

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